Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky Venice - Venice

Venice that since ever represents a place of spectacular tourist attraction also thanks to the Edil Steel has today in its landscape position a further element of elegance and beauty.

The new and modern building of the hotel Molino Stucky testifies one of the most greater merits of steel: the facility and the rapidity of assemblage of the metallic structures. Also in this yard times have been rapid and this aspect, concerning the constructive trial, has influenced the economy of the constructions.

The smaller costs of foundation, of maintenance and the smaller connected financial burdens to the reduction of the times of construction, make original also some works in steel especially in the field civil constructions.

Project details

  • Completion date: 2001
  • Place: Venice
  • Customer: Proprietary
  • Categories: Hotel
  • Tonnage: 600 t