The aim of Edil Steel Company is the constant improvement (it is essential in a globalized economy), through the timely implementation of an integrated System Management System.

The essential components of this system are:

  • safety culture,
  • human resources development,
  • team work,
  • ethical behavior (care for the environment, consistency and transparency),
  • customer and suppliers care (internal and esternal).

The realization of this ambitious project requires:

  • involvement and responsibility of the whole company,
  • effective and structured security organization,
  • a continuous and appropriate assessment and risk management.

It is my responsibility to ensure all the staff a safe and healthy work environment. An accident generated from unnecessary risks is an unacceptable obstacle to the achievement of business.
For this reason I expect that everyone, in particular Executives / Managers and Supoervisors, has a careful use of the control processes and risk management for the decisions and daily activities to protect and preserve the human and material resources.
Security’s benefits will be an important part in the evaluation system and individual gratification in our company.

By all the staff I expect also the careful and responsible application of the rules and work procedures which are mutual assistance and the individual example.
A daily and constructive cooperation between all the resources reinforces the integration and security's culture. About this we emphasize the importance of a loyal, constant, critical and constructive relationship between the different company figures.
Any form of deviation’s pressure from the standard / procedures, exclusion and/or discrimination toward colleagues and/or company level subordinates will be censured.

Latent risks and criticality, as well as suggestions for improvement, should be made identifiable and visible through our system “Reporting Security” to our Security Office which is responsible for performing the risk analysis and propose corrective recommendations to operational functions, always preserving the confidentiality of the reporting person.
This system is an essential tool for early identification of deficiencies in certain business processes and can be successful only in a not punitive climate. Therefore it is not our company policy to start disciplinary actions in response to reports of errors or problems: such reports should be an opportunity for further growth. The error is the effect and not the cause of a criticality!
Possible measures could be initiated only when, with obvious and serious consequences, has benn failed to act with reasonable diligence inherent responsibilities, training and experience.

Mi aspetto quindi che ognuno senta come proprio dovere la segnalazione di eventuali inconvenienti e collabori senza impedimenti ad accertarne le cause e nel ricercare soluzioni correttive per evitare che l'evento si ripeta nel futuro.
Sono altresì altamente apprezzate e ricercate le segnalazioni e proposte di miglioramento dei processi, delle postazioni di lavoro o di risoluzione di qualsiasi criticità aziendale.

So, I expect that everyone feels As his duty to report any problem and collaborates without impediments to determinate the cause and to find remedial solutions to avoid that it could happen in the future. Are highly appreciated and researched reports and proposals for improving processes, workstations or termination of any business criticality. To approve and issue this ethics and security policy, I would like to reiterate that continuous improvement is an obligation and a necessity to ensure our future and your reports are the key to have a work environment more safe:

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility”.

Atessa, 2011-01-15

The sole director

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