TURBOGAS power plant - GISSI

Edil steel has produced and installed all the metallic structures of the entire factory situated in the valley of Gissi (Chieti) in the realization of one of the more technological and more powerful systems as productive capability for electric power.

In little more than five months, the new powerhouse was born through the delivery of beyond 5000 ton. of steel that, with a 24 hours work shift, they have been installed in a record time in spite of the hard logistic - operating situation usually found in a powerhouse.

It's important to point out the continuous interactions between the different metallic structures of the plant that underline furthermore the absolute accuracy and perfection of our inner production.

Project details

  • Completion date: 2007
  • Place: Gissi (CH)
  • Customer: ALSTOM
  • Categories: Central turbogas
  • Tonnage: 5.000 t.