Rimini Conference Centre

New technologies for new goals! This has been the �Leitmotiv� which has made possible to realise this gigantic and extraordinary work in the full centre of Rimini.

In fact, the new Rimini Conference Centre represents not only a futuristic image for the whole city but it is also one of the greatest and most important Conference Centres of Italy. For his realisation have been employed more than 2500 tons of steel.

The forms used for the construction of the CAVEA in the north side are scenographic and unique, with cigar-shaped elements at sight which maintain entirely the overhanging conch-formed amphitheatre.

Another distinctive feature is the central part of this place, called SALA GRANDE. His large steel trusses (more than 67 metres of width and 6 metres of height) make completely free an area of more than 6000 square metres.

Project details

  • Completion date: 2007
  • Place: Rimini
  • Customer: GDF SUEZ S.p.A.
  • Categories: Meeting facilities
  • Tonnage: 2.500 t